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Sound Bite Presents

Sound Bite Presents

February 27, 2011

Welcome to our first episode of Sound Bite.

This podcast includes: Dark Nations, House of the Dreaming, The New Orleans Vampyre Association, Temple UVUP, House Sabretooth MacPhee, House Noctem Aeternus, Clan Elysium, Somnium Homunculi Otherkin Guild, Congregational Illuminism, Sexual Vampyres Group, Spiritus Intus Alit, The Colorado Vampyre Association, Intercept Paranormal Investigations, The Vampyre Lounge, The Georgia Chapter of Bloodlines International, The Collective Videos, Dracula Tours, House Valur, Seroes da Quimera, Sagrado Vampirico, Scarlet Imprint, Corvis Nocturnum, In Flesh and Spirit, and The Gotham Vampyre Archives.

We thank our contributors and our sponsors: Dark Nations and House of the Dreaming.

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